Fujifilm Needs to Drop Everything and Make an X80

Fujifilm X70 — Captured with a Fujifilm X100V + Kodak Tri-X 400 recipe.

Fujifilm needs to drop whatever they’re currently doing, and make an X80. This should be priority number one!

Not that I think they’re going to do this—I really don’t think they will—but they absolutely should. They should do it right, and they should do it right now.

Fujifilm introduced the X70 in January 2016 and discontinued it in December of that same year. You might think that the camera was a flop, but it wasn’t. Unfortunately, to Fujifilm’s surprise, shortly after the camera launched, Sony suddenly discontinued the 16-megapixel APS-C sensor that the X70 used, and Fujifilm had no choice but to fully move on to X-Trans III as quickly as possible. The X70 was a casualty of that situation. No successor was ever made, supposedly because heat dispersion was an issue with the X-Trans III sensors. Even though the camera is six years old now, people love their X70 camera—you don’t see very many for sale, and when you do it’s usually for a similar price to, or even higher than, the original MSRP.

Even though the camera is an old model, photographers are still enjoying their X70. Omar Gonzalez said that he loves the X70, and it’s his favorite fun pocketable camera. Reggie Ballesteros called it his favorite pocket cam. Samuel Streetlife called it an amazing camera for street photography and it’s sad that Fuji didn’t continue this line. People love the X70 because it is basically a smaller and more wide-angle X100T, but without a viewfinder; the viewfinder is a make-or-break for some, but other people don’t mind its absence at all.

So what would an X80 look like? What features should it have?

Fujifilm should try, as best as practical, to keep it the same size and shape as the X70. It should have the same 18.5mm (28mm full-frame-equivalent) lens. The rear screen can stay the same. I’m sure that Fujifilm would replace the d-pad with a joystick… I’d like to see both, but it will be a joystick and not a d-pad (and not both). Fujifilm should include the shutter/ISO knob of the X100V. Swap the command switch thing for a command wheel. Otherwise, don’t change a thing. The X70 is a cult classic because Fujifilm did so much “right” with it. Don’t overcomplicate it; don’t “fix” what’s already good.

Fujifilm X70 — Captured with a Fujifilm X100VGAF 500 recipe

The electronic viewfinder will be the controversy. The X70 doesn’t have one, and I personally don’t think it’s a requirement for the X80, but some people will have a strong opinion that, in 2022 (or 2023), it is a requirement. Perhaps Fujifilm should consider a pop-up viewfinder (right underneath where the X70 says “X70”) similar to the Sony RX100 III, or (my preferred option) a shoe-mount viewfinder that’s an optional accessory.

Obviously on the inside it needs to have a new sensor and processor. X-Trans IV? X-Trans V? Something else? Heat dispersion is obviously the biggest obstacle. The Fujifilm X100V can run hot, and it has a larger body, so it’s possible that the X-Trans IV sensor, despite being “cooler” than X-Trans III, is still too hot. Is the 26mp stacked X-Trans V sensor cooler? I know it’s quicker, but instead of quickness, can it be utilized for its coolness? How about the 40mp non-stacked? I personally would prefer it to not have a Bayer sensor, but if it did, it needs to have Acros and Classic Negative and Clarity and all that, which hasn’t been included on any Bayer model. I don’t know what sensor it would need to be or what Fujifilm needs to do to make it work, but I’m sure it’s possible, and they should do what it takes to figure it out.

How much would an X80 cost? The X70 had an MSRP of only $700, which seems like a steal of a deal! I think the X80 could have an MSRP of around $1,000 and people would buy it. Go much higher than that and people will start expecting more premium features (like weather sealing), but even at $1,200 I’d preorder it. Look, a Fujifilm X-E4 with the 18mm pancake, which is still noticeably larger than the X70 yet the closest you can get to it with Fujifilm’s current lineup, will run you $1,450, so it shouldn’t seem unreasonable to pay significantly more for the X80 than the X70. Heck, some people will pay a grand for a used X70!

If Fujifilm made an X80, that would be epic. It’s my number two “wow” camera that Fujifilm should make. However, I believe that Fujifilm believes that the market for such a camera came-and-went, and current camera buyers aren’t as interested in such a model; however, the feedback that I have received suggests that there would be a heck-of-a-lot of excitement for an X80 if Fujifilm ever did make one. I hope they do.

It’s your turn! What features should a Fujifilm X80 have? Which sensor? Would you buy one if they made one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! While I think most likely Fujifilm will never read this, there is a chance that they might—if they do, make sure your voice has been heard.


  1. Albert Smith · September 7, 2022

    I’d go (and have) with an X-E3 with the 18mm over the X-E4.

    It can still be bought new for just under $700 and more importantly you can buy one today, it actually exists. It’s getting frustrating to not be able to buy what you want.

    I like my X-E3 because it has the same processor and sensor as my X-Pro2 and X-T2 so all of my film simulations are the same and loaded into my Q menu in the same order. I can pick my camera for the situation based on size and features and get identical results.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 7, 2022

      Would you be interested in an X80, which would (or at least should) be significantly smaller than the X-E3 + 18mm? Or is the X-E3 plenty compact enough for you already? For instance, I have an X-E4 (slightly smaller than the X-E3) and 18mm and it’s much too big to fit into my pants pockets, but the X70 does fit, making it a better carry-everywhere option for me—especially now that I’m in Arizona and I will have large jacket pockets much less frequently.

      The X-E3 (and really all of the X-E models) really is a great option for those looking for a less-expensive + compact body, and your suggestion is good.

  2. Albert Smith · September 7, 2022

    My problem is that I’m no doubt older that many of your readers. My eyes are not good enough to use an LCD to compose with. I’d need to be wearing reading glasses which means that my distant vision would be compromised. The EVF is great because of the dioptor correction. Additionally, the glare on the LCD here in the sunbelt can be too much.

    If I could use an LCD, I’d probably own a Ricoh GR III.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 7, 2022

      If I understand correctly, you’d be interested in a X80 only if it has an EVF, but between an X80 with an EVF and GR with an EVF, you’d choose the GR, if Ricoh made such a thing. Am I correct? If so, does the EVF need to be built-in or would an EVF accessory be sufficient?

      • Albert Smith · September 8, 2022

        Yeah, I need an EVF. I can barely use my phone to take pictures. When I do, I always see unwanted things in the frame that I should have caught before I took the picture, things I would have caught if I was using a proper view finder, either EVF or just a basic (D)SLR with dioptor correction dialed in.

        I’m jealous of those of you that can look at a scene with your eye, then look down at arms distance and compose on a small LCD. Those years are behind me.

      • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2022

        Well, I hope that, if Fujifilm does make an X80, it will have an EVF as an option. Thank you for your input!

  3. Antar · September 8, 2022

    Je possède un x70 j’en suis très satisfait et je ne voit pas l’utilité d’une viseur car la majorité de mes photos sont prises au niveau de la taille

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2022

      Je suis d’accord! Je pense que si Fujifilm fabriquait un X80, un viseur caché ou externe serait suffisant, car ce n’est pas nécessaire pour beaucoup de gens. Merci pour votre participation!

  4. boogada42 · September 8, 2022

    I would definitely be interested in an X80. Primarily for the small form factor. I tried an XF10 for a short time but didn’t really enjoy it, mostly because the AF was pumping a lot and seemed slow and unreliable. A possible alternative would be to try one of the Ricoh GR 3s. I was lucky to be able to get my hands on an X100V and enjoy using the film recipes. But portability, weight and form factor are huge points for an everyday carry camera and I would consider switching from the 100V to a potential 80.

    However the button layout of the 100V is fine, I like a joystick, I would not care about a viewfinder.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2022

      The XF10 was definitely slow. Snapfocus (I forget what Fujifilm called it) was a nice feature. The PASM dial… yuck! The Bayer sensor & processor wasn’t quite as good as X-Trans, in my opinion. I enjoyed the camera most of the time, yet I didn’t enjoy it sometimes. I kept mine for about six or seven months (and used it a lot for the first three or four months), then decided to move on. I appreciate your input!

  5. boogada42 · September 8, 2022

    I’d buy an X80, if it is small and works better than the XF10 that I sold very quickly. I do think that size and weight and form factor do really matter for an everyday carry camera. That’s why I got an X100V to accompany my full frame mirrorless Canons.

    Right now this niche is filled by the Ricoh GR models, which I haven’t tested yet.

    I would love to see all the advanced buttons of the X100V, joystick too. I can do without a viewfinder!

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2022

      I do recommend the X70, if you can find one, over GR… unless the size of the X70 is still too much, because the GR is the smaller option.

  6. Ryan Long · September 8, 2022

    Ricoh GR III proves that 24MP APS-C with 18mm lens is possible in the X70 form factor – if Fujifilm can achieve their jpeg color science with the GR III’s image quality, I don’t care if it’s X-Trans or Bayer. I wonder if an optical viewfinder is possible when paired with a much smaller LCD, or perhaps an optical viewfinder with no LCD at all? I think once you start looking at add-on accessories, you miss the point of small-as-possible-pocketable form factor – although if it’s optional and plugs into the hot shoe, then why not? Pop-up seems awkward, but I’ve never owned one. All that said, I’ve learned to work with the LCD for composition, so if that’s all an X80 had, then I’d still be interested.

    • Ryan Long · September 8, 2022

      ^ by “optical viewfinder” I mean EVF. It does seem that with a quality EVF, a rear LCD is useful, but not essential if it were to go away.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2022

      Pop-up EVF does seem awkward… I think on the RX100 III the reviews of it were mixed. If it’s a hot-shoe accessory (like Fujifilm did with the GFX-50S), that’s great for those who just “have to” have it… but the tricky part will be keeping the cost low enough that it’s practical… maybe no more than $150 if the cost of the camera can be kept under $1,000. Thanks for the input!

  7. Onno · September 9, 2022

    Sold my X70 and regretted it ever since. What was I thinking ? I’d still buy it if it had the same 16MP sensor (will not happen, of course), but 16 MP is plenty for a P&S. Pop-up EVF would be very nice, even if it would not be the best quality; I sold the X70 primarily because it had no EVF (mistaken as it was). Matter of fact, I would be happy to accept a “non pop-up EVF” in combination with a smaller LCD. Again, not going to happen. The movie button was absolutely horrible on the X70 and they could delete the movie function altogether; I’d use it for stills only anyway. The 18mm lens could distort pretty badly and some improvement on that would be nice. Also, inclusion of the Classic Neg film sim would be great, which I absolutely love on my XT4. And I wouldn’t say no to an additional B&W sim, like some of your nice Ilford recipes! The chances of all this happening are probably smaller than me becoming the next president of the USA…

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 10, 2022

      Lol! That’s probably true, but we can hope, right?! An X80 would be an improvement to the X line and if you were president that would likely be an improvement, too, haha. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Johan Adermalm · September 9, 2022

    I really regret not jumping on the x70 when it was launched. If there would ever be an x80 I’d hope for a viewfinder in the corner. I feel the same way with the brass bodied Pentax MX. Those are impossible to get for a reasonable price.

    I would however much more love to see a successor to the x20 (that is not an x30 successor) with a fixed f-number. The adaptive optical viewfinder and coupled mechanical zoom was such a joy to use. I wouldn’t even care if the zoom range wasn’t that extensive. How about a 24-50mm range with a fixed f/2 or 2.4? Bonus points if there would be a way to fit a crop frame sensor in a black painted brass chassi.


    • Ritchie Roesch · September 10, 2022

      Wow, amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your input, very interesting suggestions. 😀

  9. LeonHascal · September 21, 2022

    I am so strongly in favor of this. I would absolutely pay $1,000 for a pocketable Fujifilm digital. I paid $1,000 for the xe4 body just so I could put my pancake lens on it and come close to that experience, but it’s not close enough. I still opt to take my x10 with me some days despite it’s extremely low resolution just because it’s truly pocketable. (I also find that when I have an on camera flash I end up finding it useful almost every single time). I know people say compact cameras are a dead market with smart phones but I think that compact professional cameras are going to be the next big market. The first company to put out the compact digital that delivers that pocketable fun camera that doesn’t skimp on quality is going to be very lucky.

    I can rent any gear I need to shoot work stuff but the one thing I would truly splurge on, before a pro camera that could cut down on rental costs, would be a great everyday camera. Also, if I’m going to use it everyday and take 90% of my personal photos with this little pocket cam then I could justify spending double what I originally thought was my high end budget. If I’m using this camera daily for years and I love it and it’s enriching my life and making me enjoy everything slightly more as a result, I would honestly end up dropping $2,000 on that camera. I think more people would than you may think. granted that’s only if they manage to make a pocketable x x100 or figure out how to squeeze the xe4 into the body of the x70 with a viewfinder and in body image stabilization.

    Years ago Panasonic /Lumix made this pocketable camera with a 1″ sensor and a Zeiss zoom lens ( something ridiculous like 18-80mm f1.8-2.8) with in body image stabilization that I could shoot handheld with a 1/4 shutter. I loved that thing until I lost it only a year ago and it was almost a decade old. I would kill for a Fuji camera that copies lumix and made the modern lx100.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 23, 2022

      Thanks for the input! I hope Fujifilm does it.

  10. Scott Fillmer · October 11, 2022

    I loved my x70 and was sorry the day I sold it years ago thinking an x80 would eventually show up. The x80 is probably the only camera I would buy immediately without looking at a single spec or review, or probably even the price.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 13, 2022

      There seems to be a noteworthy amount of interest in an X80… I hope that Fujifilm takes notice. Thanks for the input!

  11. Ivo Costa · October 21, 2022

    I just bought an X70, because I got tired of waiting for an x80.
    I carry my xpro3 everywhere but most of the times stays in my bag. My pocket needed the x70.
    An x80 for my would be exactly the same form, totally agree with the ISO knob being more accessible, for me the exposure comp is useless and could be replaced by the ISO (even in the xpro3), and of course, and updated sensor.
    I think they won’t do an x80 because it steals too much attention from buyers. Though I want to believe every xpro and xt user would faster buy an x80 than an xE.
    X80 is truly pocketable (or would be)

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 21, 2022

      I think the biggest problem is this: Fujifilm profits more from lenses than camera bodies (true of all manufacturers). Cameras are a way to sell lenses. The X100 series serves as a gateway into Fujifilm, often as someone’s first Fujifilm experience—they later buy an X-Pro or X-T or whatever (and, of course, lenses). For whatever reason, the X70 didn’t serve a similar role, as it was primarily purchased by those already in the system. I think Fujifilm might believe that an X80 wouldn’t attract new users, but instead would be in direct competition against their 18mm f/2 lens, which has a higher profit margin the an X80 would have. So introducing an X80 might actually have a negative effect on total profits, even if (perhaps especially if) it does well. Still, as an owner of the Fujinon 18mm f/2 and X70, I would totally buy an X80. Thanks for the input!

      • John B · November 3, 2022

        I don’t personally find that the 18mm f2 competes with the x70 because although that lens is somewhat pancake, it’s definitely not very pocketable, even in a coat pocket. I think in order for that to be true, they need to introduce an 18mm f/2.8 lens that matches the size of the 27mm.

        I also wonder how many sales they really get on the old 18mm f/2. I imagine a lot of people buy it on eBay where it can be had for half price or less.

        Thanks for creating this discussion. I hope Fuji sees it.

      • Ritchie Roesch · November 4, 2022

        For sure, the 18mm f/2 is more like a Japanese pancake than an American flapjack 🤣 I do think it’s a lens in need of an update.

  12. Mr. S. Nava · November 1, 2022

    I would settle for a firmware update making the X Raw studio app compatible with the x 70

  13. John B · November 3, 2022

    I would love an X80. I just overpaid on eBay for an X70 because nothing else fits in a pocket. The X70 is great but AFC is pretty much a non-starter, which isn’t great for photographing my kids. So updated autofocus would be a huge selling point.

    I love the X70’s flip up screen for selfies with the family, so I hope that is never removed. Sometimes it’s the only way I actually appear in photos since I’m always the one with the camera.

    I too wonder if there’s really a market for an X80. If Fuji could add video features and some kind of image stabilization, I could see it coming on the market as a sort of lite-vlogging camera. That might mean the lens goes to 24mm equiv., which I wouldn’t prefer; but if that’s the only way it ever exists I could live with that.

    Whatever Fuji does, don’t mess with the retro vibe. The style is pretty much perfect on the X70.

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 4, 2022

      The size and style are pretty perfect. I appreciate the input!

  14. cryocryo · December 15

    I love my x70 in every aspect, and I think it would be nice to have X-Trans CMOS 5 HR and X-Processor 5 in it’s successor. Leave everything else as it is, it’s just perfect.

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 15

      I agree! New sensor/processor, but don’t touch the rest. However, I’d be surprised if Fujifilm is even working on this. They should be, though.

  15. theBitterFig · April 22

    So the wild thing to me: I decided to look on MPB… the used x70s there are listed for more than the price of a new GRiii.

    Seems kinda absurd to me. But the film sims, the physical control dials, tilting screen. I half get it, but like… I’d have a hard time buying a used camera from 2016 for double the original retail price when the newly made alternative is a hair cheaper.

    I’m not as gung-ho as some folks on a monochrome Fuji (converted B&W is very good!), but an x80 seems like a big place where Fuji is leaving money on the table.

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 24

      The X70’s are wonderful, but they’re selling for much more than they should be. I think an X80 should be a top-five, if not top-three, priority for Fujifilm. (Top priority should be a better app, second priority should be manufacturing more X100V’s…).

  16. Hai · April 23

    I need an x70 successor. Fuji. Do it!!!

  17. Stefan Öhner · August 11

    My wishlist for an x80:

    Iso dial instread of exposure comp. Or at better idea: to make it possible to chance the dial in somewhere in the settings. Maybe iso written on the buttondial, exposure comp on the side of the button (would be a wonderful Solution for all fujis- i dint get it that the iso dial is not as important as apenture and shutterspeed?)

    2) new sensor

    3) ND filter – and acrivate it with the auto-switch button (who needs this on a x70?? Fuji Get rid of that)

    4) ibis would be really cool, but not if that means bigger size

    5) Accessoires: evf to stick onto the hot-shoe, it that possible with af lights?) and a tele-converter to get real 35mm (not only digital)

    6) ah yes: better app! I wonder why no camera-manufactor includes plug ins🤔 so you can log into your google photo, apple photo, lightroom,… account on your camera. It would be so convenient, as if you shoot on your phone, the photo appears on all your devices…

    That are my ideas…maybe someone at fuji reads it – cause i also would really appreciate a newer x70🙏🏻

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 15

      An ISO dial built into the shutter dial like on the X100V would be a great solution, in my opinion. Thanks for the input!

  18. MR · August 16

    Do we have any hope an X80 type compact will be announced at the upcoming X Summit?

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 16

      I don’t have much hope, but you never know what Fujifilm will do.

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