Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

Seattle Center – Seattle, WA – Fujifilm X100F

We’re a few days into the new year. In January I like to reflect on the previous year, what was good and what wasn’t, what I experienced and what I wished I had experienced, the successes and failures, gains and losses, dreams realized and abandoned, etc., etc. It’s good to look back so as to get a better perspective on where you’re going.

As a very small part of this process, I looked at Fuji X Weekly, what took place here, and how it’s all going. I’ve shared a few insights with you already, and I will share some more with you in a few different posts in the coming weeks.

For this article I will show you what posts were the most viewed, plus, as a bonus, which were the most overlooked, that maybe the readers of this blog missed. Not to brag, but there’s some quality material here. I invite you to click the links and read the different articles.

One thing that I found interesting is that, by a large margin, Film Simulation recipes are the most popular thing on Fuji X Weekly. Lots of people are searching the web for ideas on which simulations and settings are best. I’m happy to share mine with you, and you can expect more to be published in the coming months.

Without any more delay, below are my top 10 most popular posts of 2017 on Fuji X Weekly, in order of most viewed to least:

My Fujifilm X100F Classic Chrome Film Simulation Recipe

My Fujifilm X100F Acros Film Simulation Recipe

My Fujifilm X100F Vintage Kodachrome Film Simulation Recipe

My Fujifilm X100F Velvia Film Simulation Recipe

My Fujifilm X100F Astia Film Simulation Recipe

Fujifilm X100F Digital Teleconverter

Digital Film – Why I Shoot JPEGs With The Fujifilm X100F

My Fujifilm X100F Acros Push-Process Film Simulation Recipe

Understanding X-Trans

Leaf Shutter & Flash & X100F – Oh, My!

Top 10 most overlooked posts of 2017 on Fuji X Weekly, in order of least viewed to most:

Fujifilm X Raw Studio

Simplicity vs Complexity

Fujifilm X100F Battery Life

So Why The Fujifilm X100F?

Authenticity & Photography

Fujifilm Fanboy

Placing An Attachment Ring On A Fujifilm X100F

5 Essential Elements of Photographic Vision

Fujifilm X100F Advanced Filter: Toy Camera, Part 1

Why I Dislike The PASM Dial (And Love The Fujifilm X100F)

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