3 New Cameras Confirmed

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In my last post I mentioned the rumor that Fujifilm will be releasing three new cameras this spring. The details were pretty limited at that time, but a lot more information has come out since then (thank you, Fujirumors), so I wanted to pass along a quick update to those who are interested.

One of the three cameras will be the X-T4, which will be the successor for both the X-T3 and X-H1. It will be nearly identical to the X-T3, but with a slightly larger body, and will feature in-body-image-stabilization (IBIS) and 6K video capabilities. I’m not sure if it will use the X-Trans IV sensor and X-Processor 4, or if X-Trans V is right around the corner. Clearly, it’s a merger of the X-T and X-H lines, and will be Fujifilm’s flagship APS-C camera. I’m sure it will be priced higher than the X-T3.

Another camera will be the X100V, which will indeed have a redesigned lens. The X100 series has had the same lens from the beginning, so this will be the first with different optics. What will be different about it is unknown. Details are pretty vague right now, but I’m sure in the coming weeks we’ll know much more.

The third camera will be the X-T200, the successor to the X-T100. It sounds like it will be essentially the same camera as the X-A7, but in the shape of the X-T100. In other words, the rear screen, auto-focus and video capabilities will be much improved, and everything else will be pretty much the same.

And, apparently, there will be no new GFX camera in 2020, but sometime in 2021 instead. They are working on one, that’s already been determined, but I guess aren’t ready to release it for awhile. That concludes your gear update for today.


  1. Earl Rogers Jr · January 11, 2020

    I don’t want a T4 I want it X-H2 and I’m quite sure for those of us who owns the H1 If we want at a X-T4 We would have purchased the X-T3. I personally think Fuji is making a mistake getting rid of are discontinuing the H1 serious. Why could they not have Just drop the T series of cameras and kept the H serious going Which was close to in size and feel as the Canon and Nikon pro model cameras for those of us who made the change over.

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 11, 2020

      I think that the X-H1 wasn’t nearly as commercially successful as Fujifilm had hoped. They had to drop the price way down to sell them. I’ve heard rave reviews about the camera, it just didn’t carry over into sales. The X-T4 sounds like it’ll basically be an X-H2, just renamed X-T4. It’s likely to be a little smaller than the X-H1, but I think because of improved IBIS and heat dispersion, the X-H2 would likely have been smaller than the X-H1 anyway. I think that this is the most accurate way to look at the camera: X-H2 renamed X-T4 for marketing purposes. There’s been rumors that Fujifilm has been working on a top-of-the-line “ultimate” APS-C camera, and it’s possible when that’s ready they might call it an X-H2, even if it doesn’t fully resemble the X-H1. A lot of speculation here, though, so take it with some salt.

      • veijom · January 11, 2020

        XT line is very very far from XH line in ergonomics and robustness. Having been one of the first to buy XH1 I followed the response of XH1. There were couple of reasons the XH1 were so unsuccessfull. The glitches with SD card reader causing lockups was very high reason pros turned their back to this camera, even after purchasing it. Also the timing and pricing of the release happened at the same time Sony released it’s headline camera A3 (which was in the same price category having FF) and not much before Fuji themselves released XT3 with newer processor (that had better video specs) indicating they didn’t hold the XH1 in great respect. The camera itself would have selled better if not for the above reasons. For me any of the other bodies Fuji offers aren’t ideal and very far ergonomically from what I want from a camera. I certainly hope the XH2 to continue this tradition without a price jump, as I see 2K euros being the very limit for an APS-C camera.

      • Ritchie Roesch · January 11, 2020

        Don’t be surprised if the X-T4 is bigger and more robust (hopefully “ergonomically better”) than the X-T3, closer to (but still smaller than) the X-H1.

    • Daniel · January 11, 2020

      Both X-T and X-H lines are dead. Long live X-θ.

      • Ritchie Roesch · January 11, 2020

        Lol! There’s probably truth to this. At some point the flagship camera will likely be called the Fujifilm X1.

  2. rainstaff · January 11, 2020

    I’m loving my X-T3 for street but depending on the final ergonomics of the X100V I could very well switch to that body format alone since I only shoot 23mm. X100 bodies have this low profile feel that makes them ideal street photography companions. One sure thing, my path crossing Fujifilm and their film simulations changed the way I practice photography and I doubt I’ll ever go back to my old ways (big bodies and heavy editing). No more I’ll spend hours tweaking settings in LR, now I stick to 3 or 4 recipes that delight me SOOC. More time to shoot, more time to enjoy life ! Thank you Fuji ! And thanks again Ritchie for your guidance in film recipe goodness 😉

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 11, 2020

      That’s what I love about Fujifilm cameras, too. You said it well! I think that with the X100 series, it’s good to have an interchangeable lens body as well, for those occasions that you want a more telephoto or wide angle lens. Thankfully you can find bodies for cheap (I just bought an X-T1 for $300). I appreciate your kind words.

  3. clayuk2000 · January 13, 2020

    Why do we need an XT4? and 6k? who really cares about 6k? They should of focused on an X-H2. 2019 was a big year for sales of the XT-3, by bringing out an XT4 will just anger most of the people who picked up at XT-3. Most of us can’t afford these yearly updates……

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 13, 2020

      My gut feeling on this, and I could be wrong, is that the X-T4 project began as the X-H2. Because of improved IBIS and heat dispersion, they made the camera smaller and lighter than the X-H1 (although still bigger and heavier than the X-T3). Someone at Fujifilm had the idea to rename it the X-T4 so that it would sell better. I could be wrong about it, but that’s what I think. The X-T3 is a fantastic camera and will be for many years to come, no need to upgrade to the X-T4 unless you really need IBIS.

      • rainstaff · January 14, 2020

        I agree, unless IBIS and video features are a priority, the X-T3 remains a highly relevant body. It’s quite light and low profile and produce lovely images in all conditions. I come from a Panasonic G9 and honestly, I never missed a shot with the X-T3 despite the lack of IBIS. On the other hand, I tried to shoot a bit of video in september with the Fuji and it was overheating very quickly, even with mild to high outside temperature. I bet the X-T4 would fare better in this case.

      • Ritchie Roesch · January 14, 2020

        I imagine that the X-T4 will be better for video, at least a little.

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