If You REALLY Want to be a Photographer, THIS Should be Your First Camera: The Fujifilm X100V (Video)

I share this video with you for three reasons: 1) it’s really good, 2) this website and the Fuji X Weekly App are mentioned in it, and 3) it’s definitely the coolest video that I’ve ever been highlighted in. So be sure to watch it! Also, big thanks to GxAce for the shout-out! You should check out his channel, for sure, because he has many intriguing videos.

You can read my review of the Fujifilm X100V here.

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  1. fotoeins · December 7, 2021

    Despite its flaws, I love the X70 as my introduction into the Fujifilm system. From DSLR to fixed mirrorless, I’ve learned I prefer things wider at 18/28mm. But this, no lie – this video about the X100V is delicious, and it’s also reminded me how I sometimes miss having an optical viewfinder. Thanks for the heads up, R!

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 8, 2021

      The X70 is a camera that I’d love to own, and I don’t understand why Fujifilm doesn’t update it. I hope they do with X-Trans V.

      • fotoeins · December 8, 2021

        Thanks for your reply. As I’m fairly certain you’ll agree, I believe the simplest explanations are: Fujifilm simply moved on with their X-line, that the X70-XF10 is niche, and the company’s preference with fixed-lens camera sales entirely on the X100 line. But it’s hard to question how great to hold that tech in your hands, packed onto a featherlight 12-ounce/340-gram piece of magic. I would definitely welcome an “X80”, especially set wide at 18/28mm compared to the X100’s 23/35mm.

        For me here locally, the wonderful irony is the occasional availability of used-X70s on Craigslist, but it’s difficult to find new X100Vs because of supply chain issues.

      • Ritchie Roesch · December 9, 2021

        It’s my understanding that the X-Trans III sensor was “too hot” for such a small body, perhaps X-Trans IV is, too. I hope they figure it out at some point. I appreciate the input!

      • fotoeins · December 9, 2021

        Yes, that’s what I read, too. No one wants to hold a hot little brick even if it’s light and compact 😅

      • Ritchie Roesch · December 10, 2021


  2. Serge tremblay · December 7, 2021

    It is been a year now that I am using the X100V. I love It so much that I am tempted to sell my Nikon gear!!! (D90, D3400). I also have a Fuji X-T100….

  3. Serge Tremblay · December 7, 2021

    …I forgot to say that the video of the X100V is very good and it a seller by itself!

  4. randomguineapig · December 7, 2021

    Yeah, I got that answer wrong on my high school photography teacher’s quiz: “What is the ‘ideal’ lens for a 35mm camera.” I answered 50mm, which is the ‘normal’ “what the eye sees” focal length. Unfortunately, either a footnote or a small sentence on a page of the assigned textbook, or a missed word from a class lecture made me get the answer wrong. I had a Minolta 200 w f2 50. The “right” answer was 35mm; go figger. My choice for my buying into the fujifilm universe was the x-e4 with 23mm for the 35mm equivalent. For my 50mm equivalent Minolta previous life I have a Touit32mm on my Sony 5100. The Zeiss Touit is awesome. The sony 5100 is awesome (it’s the same sensor sony makes for everyone), only a fool would doubt it

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 8, 2021

      I shot almost exclusively 50mm for many, many years. What’s ideal for one person isn’t for another, but the 35mm focal length does seem like an excellent all-around option. At least I find it to be. I’ve never tried the Zeiss Touit lens, but Zeiss in general are cream of the crop. Thanks for the comment!

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