Street Photography with my Fujifilm X100V + 4 Film Simulation Recipes

Night on Main – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100VSerr’s 500T Recipe

First, before we get into this article, I’ve got to apologize to you all. You see, I went out of town, and I didn’t answer any comments or emails while gone. I just didn’t have time. Sorry. Last night I returned back home, so I’ll try to catch up on all of that over the next several days. It might take a few days to get to them all—I just ask for a little patience. Thank you! Now to the article….

The first episode of the third season of SOOC Live aired on March 2nd. This year Nathalie Boucry and I are doing things a little different, and one of the changes is that we’re discussing themes instead of a singular Film Simulation Recipe. The very first theme is Street Photography. If you missed Episode 1 when it was live, you can watch it below. Don’t worry, the shows this year aren’t two or three hours long like they often were in the first two seasons, so it won’t require quite the time commitment that they used to. Definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

The Film Simulation Recipes that we suggested for street photography are Kodachrome 64, Classic Kodak, Serr’s 500T, and Agfa Scala. We think that these four Recipes are excellent options for this genre of photography, and if you have an X-Trans III or newer model, there’s one that you can use. We are inviting you—challenging you, in fact—to shoot with one, two, three, or even all four of them this month. For those wanting an extra challenge, we have two: 1) use reflections and/or silhouettes in your pictures and 2) use a 1/15 shutter speed. These extra challenges are completely optional, but I am excited to see what you do with them. Upload your images by March 28: up to three of your favorite street photography photographs captured with one (or more) of the four Film Simulation Recipes that we suggested you try (click here to upload)—please include the Recipe(s) you used in the file name so that we know. The uploaded pictures will be included in the Viewer’s Images slideshow video and have a chance to be featured in the next live broadcast; those who upload are automatically entered into a Fuji X Weekly App Patron 12-month subscription giveaway. I can’t wait to see your pictures!

The next show will be live on March 30th at 10 AM Pacific Time, 1 PM Eastern. SOOC Live is now twice per month: the first Thursday and the fourth Thursday. The first broadcast is where we introduce the theme-of-the-month and challenge you to photograph using the suggested Film Simulation Recipes, and the second show is where we discuss lessons learned and show your pictures. I hope that you can join us on March 30th! I’ve included the scheduled video below so that you can set a reminder.

Nathalie and I don’t just ask you to shoot with these Recipes, but we do so, too. We’re all on this journey together. Nathalie has an excellent article on her website about this that you should definitely check out! If you don’t yet subscribe to the SOOC Live YouTube channel, be sure to do so now so that you don’t miss any of the future episodes.

Here are a few of my street photography images captured with a Fujifilm X100V using the four Film Simulation Recipes we’re all shooting with this month:

Shopping Baskets, Shadow & Girl – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Classic Kodak Recipe
Need A Snack – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Classic Kodak Recipe
Waiting in the Grass – Surprise, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Kodachrome 64 Recipe
Bookstore – Surprise, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Kodachrome 64 Recipe
Walking Past an Open Door – Surprise, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Agfa Scala Recipe
Arch Abstract – Surprise, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Agfa Scala Recipe
Overflowing Trash – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Serr’s 500T Recipe
Night Fountain & Three Palms – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Serr’s 500T Recipe


  1. lu · March 21

    This post read my mind! I was JUST wondering what FujiXWeekly might have to recommend for street photography 🙂 Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  2. shuegly · March 21

    Hey Ritchie 👋
    this might be a tipping error, as at least Kodachrome 64 is also available for X-Trans II sensors, right?:
    “…if you have an X-Trans III or newer model, there’s one that you can use.”

  3. Mon Solo · March 22

    Just curious. Why 1/15?

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