Fuji X Weekly App Update

The Fuji X Weekly App has been updated for both Apple and Android! Aside from some small maintenance items that you’re unlikely to notice, the big improvements are Widgets for Android and Spanish Translation for Apple. Your phone likely already updated the App for you, but if it didn’t, simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the most recent version.

If you don’t already have the Fuji X Weekly App on your phone or tablet, be sure to download it for free today! Consider becoming a Patron to unlock the best App experience and to support Fuji X Weekly.

Widgets for Android

Widgets have been available for Apple users since October, but now they’re finally finished for Android! It was a bigger project than anticipated, and that’s why it took so long.

What are Widgets? Larger than app icons, Widgets give you quick access to information or provide a different way to interact with the app. My phone has literally been taken over by Fuji X Weekly Widgets, and it’s transformed how I interact with the App, turning my home screen into a Film Simulation Recipe launchpad!

Once you’ve opened the Fuji X Weekly App at least once since installing the update, Widgets are available to add to your home screen (click here if you are not sure how). Fuji X Weekly App Widgets greatly improves the user experience, and I bet they will take over your phone just like they did mine.

Spanish Translation for Apple

Thanks to the help of Fuji X Weekly community member Lucía Wiesse, the Fuji X Weekly App has now been translated into Spanish on Apple devices! Hopefully this will be available for Android, too, in the near future. I’m also hopeful that the Fuji X Weekly App can be translated into even more languages someday, since it is used worldwide. For now, I just think it’s really awesome that a Spanish translation is available for iOS users. If your iPhone’s Language is set to Spanish, the App will automatically translate; set your phone to English for the regular English version. Thanks, Lucía, for all your help!

Check out this video!

Photographer Tim Northey, known as TKNORTH on YouTube, posted a really cool video using the Random Recipe Selector in the Fuji X Weekly App while in Tokyo. This is exactly how I envisioned Random Recipe being used—such a fun way to use Fujifilm cameras and Film Simulation Recipes with your friends! Check out the video (above) if you haven’t yet seen it.


  1. Christiana McCarthy · May 20

    Hi! The app is only downloading in Spanish now!

  2. Jennifer B. · May 21


    I’m having the same issue that everything is set in Spanish even though my phone setting is in English. Tried re-downloaded the app, but still the same

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 21

      I’ve had a few reports of this and I was able to identify the problem: there’s a bug in iOS 15 (maybe 14, too, I’m not sure) that Apple fixed with iOS 16.0. If the iOS on your device is older than iOS 16.0, you’ll experience this problem, and the simple solution is to update the iOS on your device. Also, I’m working on a patch that circumnavigates the bug, for those who wish not to update their device, but it might take a few days for it to become available.

  3. Ralph Furtner · May 21

    Hi Ritchie, I love your Fuji X Weekly App!
    Can you add a „Note“-Field in the Custom Recipes. This would be very useful.
    Thank you Ralph

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 21

      That’s a very nice suggestion. You can free-type in any empty field, but a notes field would helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

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