Report: Fujifilm will Introduce a New Film Simulation on September 12

According to Fujirumors, Fujifilm plans to introduce a new film simulation on September 12, the same day they will announce the upcoming GFX100 II camera. It’s assumed that the new film sim will be found on the new GFX camera, although the rumor doesn’t state that outright.

I’m always excited when Fujifilm introduces a new film simulation, which should be pretty obvious. But I do wonder why Fujifilm has decided to introduce new film simulations on GFX models. Let me explain.

From the data I have, only a small number of people shoot Film Simulation Recipes on GFX cameras. The vast, vast majority do so on Fujifilm X-Trans cameras, not Bayer (GFX or APS-C). Most do so on X-Trans III or newer models, with the majority on X-Trans IV. While some people use film simulations on GFX cameras, most keep it in Provia/STD and adjust the color profiles in Lightroom to whatever they want. The film simulations are mostly for JPEG photographers (yes, Lightroom, Capture One, etc., have their own versions of them), and most GFX owners are not shooting straight-out-of-camera JPEGs, but instead are RAW editing.

Fujifilm introduced the Nostalgic Neg. film simulation, which is the latest film sim, on the GFX 50S II, and Fujifilm used it to promote that camera. Nostalgia Neg. didn’t become available on X-series models until the X-H2S, which was released a whole year later, and it wasn’t even mentioned in any of the promotional material for that camera or the one that followed. It was barely mentioned in the promotions for the X-T5, but at least they talked about it a little. By far, most of those using Nostalgic Neg. are doing so on the X-T5, X-H2, X-H2S, and X-S20, and only some are using it on the GFX 50S II and GFX100S.

Stop for the Sunset – Surprise, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Emulsion ’86 Recipe – Nostalgic Neg.

Even though Fujifilm didn’t really use the new film sim to promote the X-Trans V models, I know that it was a significant reason why many have purchased and love the new cameras. Obviously it’s not the only reason or probably even the main reason for many, but an important reason nonetheless. The new film sim—despite Fujifilm doing so very little to get the word out about it—has been a fairly significant selling point for those buying X-Trans V cameras. Similarly, Classic Negative was a big selling point for many X-Trans IV models.

The lesson here is that new film simulations don’t do a whole lot to promote GFX camera sales because, for the most part, GFX owners don’t care about them. Obviously not all, but definitely the majority. On the flip side, new film sims are an important aspect of X-Trans buying decisions, as many X-series photographers use them regularly, yet Fujifilm ignores this potential opportunity. It just makes no sense to me, and I think it’s a pretty significant mistake by Fujifilm.

I don’t know what this new film simulation will be. I have many ideas on what it could be, but I have zero inside information on what it will be. It could be PRO Neg. Z, based on the Fujicolor Pro 800Z film stock. Another idea is PRO 400H, based on Fujicolor Pro 400H, which should produce pastel colors when overexposed like the film does. How about a super vibrant option based on Fortia 50? Or a film sim that replicates IR? Cross process? Instax? There are a lot of potential options.

I do hope that Fujifilm will give this new film simulation, whatever it is, to the current X-Trans V lineup via firmware updates, but I don’t think they will. They absolutely should, though. My guess is that the X100Z (or whatever they will call it) or X-Pro4—whichever model comes next—will be the first X-series camera to get it.

What do you hope the new film simulation will be based on? What are some good ideas for future film sims? Let me know in the comments!


  1. majortomg · August 29

    I look forward to not getting this on the X-T5 I bought 3 months ago 🙄

    I might sell it though. After getting my X-Pro 3 repaired, I can’t put it down! Love that camera.

    I do wish they would give some love up their last gen line-up.

    • Ritchie Roesch · 30 Days Ago

      I would like to see Fujifilm give Eterna Bleach Bypass and half-point Highlight/Shadow adjustments to the X-Pro3. Doesn’t seem like much work for them, and it would have a bigger impact on their customers than I think they realize.

  2. Chris Webb · August 29

    I wonder whether the people at Fujifilm read this site to get ideas for new film simulations. 🙂

    • Ritchie Roesch · 30 Days Ago

      I’d be surprised. I don’t think they “hate” Fuji X Weekly like they do Fujirumors, but I think they have mixed feelings about it (they have told me so). I would be surprised if anyone at Fujifilm Japan (which is the only office that matters in the Fuji world) reads this website with any kind of regularity, if at all. The regional offices around the world are another story, but they have very little influence with what happens at HQ.

  3. Michael Garcia · 30 Days Ago

    Although there aren’t many recipes for the GFX 50s II, I’m thinking of taking photos only in JPEG using the built-in simulations. These days, I’m feeling a bit lazy to edit my photos. I know that using the GFX in this way may seem counterintuitive to many, but I’ve accepted that I bought this camera for a purpose that never materialized. Since it’s bought and paid for, I plan to use it for fun.

    • Ritchie Roesch · 30 Days Ago

      People certainly do it, but it’s definitely more rare than with the X system. I would consider using X-Trans V Recipes on your GFX 50S II, and X-Trans IV Recipes are probably fine, too.

      • Alain Leoncini · 30 Days Ago

        Xtrans 5 and Xtrans 4 recipes works fine on Gfx 50s2. Merci Ritchie !

      • Ritchie Roesch · 29 Days Ago


      • Michael Garcia · 30 Days Ago

        I’ll give it a go!

  4. Jeroen Krol · 30 Days Ago

    I’d love a Kodachrome or Instax/Polaroid film simulation if it’s going to be colour.
    B&W…Tri-X or HP5

  5. Kesh · 30 Days Ago

    Thank you for the updates and insight. Small correction, the GFX100s was the first to have the Nostalgic Negative simulation (before the GFX 50 II).

    • Ritchie Roesch · 29 Days Ago

      You are right! The GFX100S was six months prior to the GFX 50S II, and it has Nostalgic Neg.

  6. Vladimir · 30 Days Ago

    I’ll try to guess or dream up, it will be a simulation close in aesthetics to Portra 400. Those landscape shots that I saw on film medium format are awesome.
    Or maybe it will be similar to the aesthetics of Leica cameras, not film.

  7. Andrea DeMarco · 29 Days Ago

    Looks like it will be called Reala, according to Fuji Rumors. Hope my X-T5 gets it, or I will be really disappointed 🙁

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