SOOC Live THIS Thursday!

Dodge Van Steering Wheel – Buena Park, CA – Fujifilm X-T5 – Reala Ace Recipe

Mark your calendar! After a two week delay, the next SOOC Live broadcast will now be this coming Thursday, October 19th. Originally, we were going to discuss double-exposure photography (as was advertised at the end of our last show), but we decided to change the topic to Reala Ace.

Why? First, life events happened, and we just didn’t have the time needed for such a big topic, as there are a whole lot of considerations and approaches to multiple-exposures worth addressing. We hope to still tackle this at some point, but understand that it’s a big undertaking, and we can only do it if we have the time to prepare everything. It just didn’t work out this time like we had hoped it would. Second, Reala Ace, which is the name of Fujifilm’s latest film simulation, is a trending subject, and my new Reala Ace Film Simulation Recipe has quickly caught on. So Nathalie Boucry and I thought that we should discuss this instead, diving more deeply into it, while also providing some alternatives.

I hope that you can join us this Thursday! It’s an interactive program, and your participation makes the show better. I’ve included the video below so that you can easily find it, but please follow the SOOC Live YouTube channel so that you don’t miss any upcoming episodes. See you soon!

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