Fujifilm Film Simulation Patches!

Fujifilm just introduced a new product: film simulation patches!

These 2″x2″ embroidered iron-on patches are a great way to share your love of film sims to those around you. Put them on your camera bag, backpack, jean jacket, etc.. There are 11 of them: Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg. Hi, PRO Neg. Std, Classic Negative, Eterna, Monochrome, Acros, and Sepia. Find them on Fujifilm’s online store. Not sure why Eterna Bleach Bypass and Nostalgic Neg. didn’t make the cut, other than these patches resemble the small “box-top” screen on the back of the Fujifilm X-Pro3, and those two film sims aren’t available on that model.

I think they’re really cool. I ordered a couple, and plan to iron them onto my travel camera bag. They’re not exactly cheap at $10 per patch (or all 11 for $79.50, which is actually a significant bulk discount), but I think it’s a fun way to show your love of film simulations. I also think it’s fascinating that film sims are now so prominent—in large part due to the popularity of Film Simulation Recipes—that Fujifilm is merchandising them. I’d love to see them do more of this type of thing.

Exciting: Fujifilm Film Simulations just got real with these embroidered applique patches, in 11 different designs. Digitally recreated, based on historic film stocks, our Film Simulations are now available in all-new physical form. These quality, machine-embroidered patches can be heat-applied to fabric surfaces, from clothing to backpacks. Are you a bold Velvia fan, or an admirer of the timeless Acros? Grab either one separately, or the both of them if you can’t make up your mind. Love them all? We don’t blame you! Get ’em while the iron’s hot!



  1. Randy Kirk · August 10

    Interesting idea! At $10 each I may pick up Classic Negative and/or Chrome sooner.. then wait for the clearance sale on Pro Neg Standard and Provia 😉

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 10

      I ordered Classic Negative, Classic Chrome, Eterna, and Pro Neg Std. Was halfway (cost-wise) to a full set, and almost wen’t that route, but four patches is already one or two more than I need. 🤣

  2. J · August 10

    These look amazing, but seem to ship to the USA only, sadly.
    Hopefully they become available elsewhere soon

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 10

      Oh, I didn’t realize that. They should definitely open it up internationally.

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