5 Film Simulation Recipes every Fujifilm X-T5 Photographer Should Try

The Fujifilm X-T5 was released just last November, and it’s already a big hit. Perhaps you just purchased one, or maybe you own an X-H2 or X-H2S (the other X-Trans V models), and you’re not sure which Film Simulation Recipes to try. While so far I’ve only published 15 Recipes that are specifically compatible with the X-T5, there are actually a lot more; in fact, on the Fuji X Weekly App (Android, Apple), there are 40! You see, some X-Trans IV Recipes are compatible with X-Trans V, and some require a slight modification (I’m working on getting those updated for X-Trans V, but it is a slow process). There’s also an App Patron Early-Access Recipe for the X-T5.

You might very well know exactly which Film Simulation Recipes to use on your Fujifilm X-T5, but in case you are unsure, below are five that you should definitely try.

Kodachrome 64 replicates the aesthetic of the beloved Kodachrome color slide film from Kodak, which graced the covers of magazines like National Geographic and Arizona Highways. This is a great option for sunny daytime photography. Looking for a 1980’s or 1990’s vibe? Try this Recipe!

The Kodak Portra 400 v2 Recipe is modeled after the popular Kodak color negative film. Excellent for sunny daylight and especially golden hour photography; as the name suggests, this is good for outdoor portraits. Looking for a contemporary film aesthetic? They this one!

Produces a look similar to the Kodak Ultramax 400 color negative emulsion. Because this Recipe uses Auto White Balance, it has a lot of versatility, and is good for many different situations, including daylight, shade, overcast, indoor, and nighttime. Want a 1990’s and 2000’s look? Give this recipe a try!

Pacific Blues is modeled after Lucy Laucht‘s Spirit of Summer series, particularly the Positano Blues photographs. While it is intended for the endless sun of a summer day at the beach, it’s also good for dramatic results in a number of situations, including dreary overcast and fog. Want a contemporary analog aesthetic with nostalgic vibes? This Recipe is for you!

This Recipe produces a distinct American New Color aesthetic. For best results, use in sunny daylight conditions. Want a 1970’s look? Try this Recipe!

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