300th Film Simulation Recipe + Fuji X Weekly is 6 Years Old!!

American Paint Horse – Litchfield Park, AZ – Fujifilm X-E4Kodachrome Blue Recipe

Today marks two very big milestones: I just published the 300th Film Simulation Recipe in the Fuji X Weekly App, and Fuji X Weekly began six years ago today!

Kodachrome Blue, which is a Patron Early-Access Recipe—meaning, it’s available right now to all those who subscribe to the Fuji X Weekly App—is the 300th Film Simulation Recipe. I never imagined that I’d publish so many—it only took six years! The next handful are already well in the works, so I’m far from finished creating them.

It’s shocking to me how many photographers are using Film Simulation Recipes on their Fujifilm cameras. I don’t know exactly how many, but from the data I have, I would estimate that it’s at least 100,000 people worldwide. I would guess that tens of thousands use Recipes regularly. The way photographers approach the craft is shifting, as the one-step philosophy has been catching on, especially over the last two years.

One-step photography is simply the elimination of the editing step. The process was initially invented by Edward Land, co-founder of Polaroid, who said, “…by removing most of the manipulative barriers between the photographer and the photograph, it is hoped that many of the satisfactions of working in the early arts can be brought to a new group of photographers.” He added, “All that should be necessary to get a good picture is to take a good picture, and our task is to make that possible.” The term one step photography was coined by Ansel Adams (yes, the legend himself!), who stated that Polaroid instant film cameras were “revolutionary” for both amateurs and professional photographers. He wrote a whole book about it called Polaroid Land Photography, and dedicated an entire chapter to the one-step approach. Film Simulation Recipes are having a similar revolutionary affect on modern photography. I’m really honored and humbled to have had a hand in that.

This picture appeared in the very first Fuji X Weekly article, captured with my first Recipe: Acros

It began six years ago today, when I published the very first Fuji X Weekly article. This website was originally a Fujifilm X100F journal—essentially, a long-term review of that particular model. I said in the first post, “If nobody ever reads this, I’m OK with that.” I also stated, “I want this to be a treasure for those who find it and are truly interested in its content.” People came—a lot of people, far more than I ever thought possible—as word of it spread, almost entirely organically.

Things took a completely different turn in the months and years to come. The focus shifted from one specific camera to all Fujifilm models. Film Simulation Recipes were initially only a small part of this website, but later became its primary focus. Then the App came. It’s really unbelievable how far all of this has come. And it’s thanks to you! Without your regular readership and continued support, Fuji X Weekly would have probably vanished awhile ago. I’m so very grateful to all of you!

Perhaps six years in the future we’ll look back, and today’s huge milestones will seem small in comparison. I can feel the tide building, and bigger things are on the horizon. I don’t know what exactly, but I can feel it. I hope that you’ll continue this journey together with me, and we’ll collectively see where it all goes, because it is indeed going somewhere. Thanks for being a part of Fuji X Weekly!

Now let’s all grab our Fujifilm cameras, head out the door, and capture some wonderful pictures using one or more of the Film Simulation Recipes in the Fuji X Weekly App. Not sure which to try? The Which Recipes When series is intended to help you with that. Still not sure, try the Random Recipe selector, and let the App choose for you!

Don’t have the Fuji X Weekly App on your phone? Download for free today, and consider becoming a Patron to unlock the best App experience and to support this website.


  1. Hugh · August 21

    Keep on keeping on

  2. Hanny · August 22

    Congratulations Ritchie from New Zealand

  3. Luís Costa · August 22

    Congratulations, it’s been amazing to witness your journey almost from the start (it was still a x100f blog when I first visited)! 😀

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 22

      I appreciate it! It’s definitely been an amazing journey. Thanks for your part in it! You’ve been around longer than most. 😀

  4. Dirk Weigeldt · August 22

    Congratulations to your double anniversary!
    I do not exactly know for how long I am following you now, but I am curious and will keep following.
    Thank you so much!
    Greetings from Germany

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