Creative Collective 045: Shooting a Roll of Fujichrome Fortia 50

“Fujichrome Fortia 50” frame 18 of 36 — Fujifilm X100V

I shot a 36-exposure roll of Fujichrome Fortia 50 on my Fujifilm X100V.

Right now you are thinking one of a few things. What is Fujichrome Fortia 50? Fortia was discontinued a long time ago, and is well expired now and difficult to find. Anyway, you can’t shoot film in a Fujifilm X100V! There’s not a Fujichrome Fortia 50 Film Simulation Recipe, is there? All of that and more will be explained in this article!

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  1. theBitterFig · April 21

    This reminds me of something I’ve tried out a few times: extra small SD cards. I have a few 512 MB cards, and I can fit 31 Large JPEGs without raw files. That really gives the “one roll of film” vibe.

    Not sure it’s really worth the effort or the fairly small expense of acquiring small SD cards, but still.

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 21

      I’ve done something like that before. I have a couple old 2gb SD cards lying around. I found that on X-Trans IV, RAW+JPEG will save something like 38-ish pictures (if I remember correctly). It was a fun experiment. Thanks for sharing!

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