SOOC Episode 06 is This Thursday!

Episode 06 of SOOC is this Thursday, December 9, at 9am Pacific Time, 12 PM Eastern! Please note the new time.

For those who may not know, SOOC is a monthly live video series, with each episode focused on a different film simulation recipe. It is a collaboration between Tame Your Fujifilm (Fujifilm X-Photographer Nathalie Boucry) and Fuji X Weekly (Ritchie Roesch). SOOC is a fun and educational experience where we not only talk about Fujifilm camera settings, but also answer your questions and give tips and tricks. Basically, we’re trying to help you master your Fujifilm camera, with a focus on simplifying your photographic workflow. This is an interactive show, so we not only need you to tune in, but your participation is essential to making the episode great.

This month we will discuss the Cross Process film simulation recipe (a fun one, for sure!), as well as look at your photos captured with it—upload your pictures here to be featured in the next video! We’ll also introduce the next recipe. We have a lot of great things planned, and I know you’ll appreciate this one. Episode 06 will be on December 9th, so mark your calendars, and I look forward to seeing you then!

If you missed Episode 05, you can watch it below:


  1. The Curious Photographer · December 5, 2021

    Hello Natalie and Ritchie, do you think you can go over briefly about how to program exposure compensation?


    Phillip Garcia

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 5, 2021

      “Typical exposure compensation” is simply a starting point, and not intended to be a hard and fast rule. Each picture should be judged individually. Most Fujifilm cameras have an exposure compensation knob on top that will adjust the exposure by 1/3 stop increments up and down. If you are using any sort of auto mode (such as aperture priority or shutter priority), you use the knob. If you are in manual mode, simply make the adjustment from what the meter says by increasing or decreasing the exposure by whatever method you wish. The takeaway is this: use the exposure compensation knob on top of the camera to adjust the exposure, use the “typical exposure compensation” in the recipe as a general guide.
      I hope this helps!

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