Fujifilm X-T20 (X-Trans III) + X-T30 Film Simulation Recipe: Kodak Ultramax

Street Lamp Sunset – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30 – “Kodak Ultramax”

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my Fujifilm X100V Kodak Ultramax 400 film simulation recipe, which I published two weeks ago. I’ve had a ton of requests to make a version of this recipe that’s compatible with X-Trans III sensor cameras, plus the X-T30 and X-T3. Well, I’ve done it, and here it is!

This version of the Ultramax recipe is pretty close to the original, but not precisely the same. Because the new cameras—the X100V, X-T4 and X-Pro3—have different tools, that recipe isn’t compatible with “older” Fujifilm cameras, but I made some adjustments and changes, and created this new version, which produces similar results. It’s fully compatible with the X-Pro2, X100F, X-E3, X-T2, X-T20, X-H1, X-T3 and X-T30 cameras. While not 100% exactly the same as the original recipe, it definitely has the same overall Ultramax aesthetic.

Sunstar Through Peach Leaves – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T20 – “Kodak Ultramax”

Ultramax 400 is Kodak’s consumer grade ISO 400 color negative film. Kodak has sold Ultramax 400 under many different names, beginning in 1987 with Kodacolor VR-G 400, rebranded Gold 400 one year later, called simply GC at one point, and finally, in 1997, Kodak settled on Ultramax 400. Kodak still sells Ultramax 400, although it’s not the same film as Kodacolor VR-G 400. This film has been tweaked and updated at least nine times over the years; however, the overall aesthetic is still substantially similar between all variations.

Classic Chrome
Dynamic Range: DR400
Highlight: +2
Shadow: +2
Color: +4
Sharpening: +2
Noise Reduction: -4
Grain: Strong
Color Chrome Effect: Off or N/A
White Balance: Auto, +1 Red & -6 Blue
ISO: Auto up to ISO 6400
Exposure Compensation: +1/3 to +1 (typically)

Example photographs, all camera-made JPEGs captured using this Kodak Ultramax film simulation recipe on a Fujifilm X-T20 and X-T30:

Creek – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T20
Shadow Catcher – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Boy by a Window – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Jonathan in Window Light – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Pencils on the Table – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Balcony – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T20
Panda Express – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T20
Window Flag – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
American Tree – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Green Mountain Summer – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Summer Pear Tree – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Greens of Summer – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30
Backyard Tree Evening – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T20
Backyard Aspen Leaves – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-T30

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  3. Allan Bramsen · August 25, 2020

    This one has become one of my top 3 favorit on the X100V.
    Wishlist is Kodak Gold for X-T3 and the Superia.
    Great work and keep it coming.

  4. Russel · August 30, 2020

    Hi, I’m finally at a point where I can upgrade my X100 (original) with a used X100F for $540 and I could use some advice. The problem is, I can also buy either an X-T2 or X-T30 for $570 (+$265 for the 18-55/2.8-4) so now, spoilt for choice I am, lol.

    Undoubtedly the XT30 is the better camera, albeit a bit small and I’d have to buy a thumbgrip to use it properly, but I am wondering if it’s performance is that much better than the X100F? As for the X-T2, the only things the XT2 has going for it, IMO, are the bigger EVF, heavier body with the option for a battery grip.

    Considering the price difference, would you go with the X-T30?

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 31, 2020

      They are both great cameras. Obviously the X100F has a fixed lens while the X-T30 is interchangeable. I feel like the X100F is a camera you’ll love, but is perhaps less versatile or practical, while the X-T30 is less “lovable” but more versatile or practical. The question is maybe more of a conflict between the heart and brain. I cannot tell you which one to go with, but if you really love the X100, you’ll love the X100F even more.

  5. Russel · August 31, 2020

    Thanks for the advice Richie. I’m going to lean on the side of versatility, I think that’s a good point you made. An X-T2 has also come up for the same price as the XT-30. I’ve handled an XT20 in the past and found it to be way too light and not very “grippable” and the evf is smaller. So I think the T2 is the way to go. Cheers.

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 31, 2020

      Glad that you figured out what might work best for you. I’m sure you’ll love the X-T2. I have the X-T1 and it’s great.

      • Russel · September 6, 2020

        Hi Richie, how’s your weekend going? I took the plunge and traded in all my M43 gear towards an X-T2; and a butt-ugly 35/2. I’m very happy with my purchase and will blog about it later.

      • Ritchie Roesch · September 6, 2020

        Awesome! Glad you are happy with it! I’m sure it will be much fun.

  6. Pixarte (@Pixarte1) · October 31, 2020

    wow, this was my go to film. the first time I shot this film was on Christmas day and never went back.

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  10. Théo Kyriacopoulos · June 13, 2021

    Hi there !
    First,thank you again for your amazing app on android,i support you !
    I tried to apply this recipe on my X-T10 but i’m not happy with the result … Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 14, 2021

      It’s not designed for X-Trans II. You’re not going to get similar results, but maybe try -1R & -4B? That might get the WB closer.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 14, 2021

      I appreciate your support!

      • Théo Kyriacopoulos · June 14, 2021

        Thanks a lot for you quick answer ! I will try your with this WB.
        You make photography a real pleasure with your recipe.

      • Ritchie Roesch · June 14, 2021

        Awesome! Thank you for your kindness!

  11. mugsdil · September 17, 2021

    I’m using an X100F and the photos seem to come out with a very strong blue tint on cloudy days. Is that normal?

    I love all the film simulations. Thanks for doing these. I would shoot film again in real life but I should probably use the money to send my kids to college instead.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 18, 2021

      Yeah, I’ve experienced some bluish tint on some indoor situations, which I imagine could also appear in overcast situations. You could try using Cloudy instead of Auto, and see how that does.

      • mugsdil · November 4, 2021

        Thank you! I’ll do that.

  12. Joe · September 17, 2021

    First, I love the simulations. Thanks for doing them. I would still shoot film today but I should probably use the money to send my kids to college.

    When I’m shooting with this one I get a pretty strong blue-ish tint across the picture, particularly on cloudy days. Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Lewis Baker · April 10

    Decided to pull the trigger on an x100f in January and never knew about the recipes you’ve been creating for years.. I’ve used Fuji for the last 10 years or so, and 95% of the time shot RAW and used VSCO’s Ultramax preset… however that workflow is long and forever backing up raws and processing time etc etc… you know the deal.

    Using this had enabled me to shoot jpeg again for my documentary projects… man the amount of time saved processing is an absolute joy!… makes me miss shooting film but at the sane time, enjoy the results with more free time, I’m yet to dare try a wedding jpeg only so I shoot RAW+jpeg as a fail safe.

    Only adjustment I made was +2 Red on the shift rather than +1… just gives that little more warmth to the image that I love.

    Seriously can’t believe I’ve never used recipes over the years shooting Fuji!


    • Ritchie Roesch · April 11

      Wow, awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this. I appreciate your kindness, and I’m glad you found the Recipes 😀😀😀

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