Helping You Decide Which Film Simulation Recipes to Choose

Golden Autumn Trees – Flagstaff, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Kodak Ektar 100 Recipe

There are over 300 Film Simulation Recipes on this website and the Fuji X Weekly App. Having so many options to choose from is great, because no matter your style there’s bound to be at least one that you love, and different Recipes are sometimes best in specific situations. The only problem with having all these options is that sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to choose. There can be a paralysis of choice, or, at the very least, it can seem overwhelming.

But not to worry, I’m here to help! Over the last year I’ve been publishing articles to help with this specific problem—to be a guide of sorts through the many Recipes. There’s no comprehensive list (nor should there be, I think) of when to use each option, because whether or not a particular Recipe is great for a specific scenario is subjective. I might like one, but you might dislike it. However, I can provide some direction—something that I have been attempting to do over the last 12 months.

The problem with my method, though, is that it’s easy for my articles on this subject to get lost in the shuffle. So I thought it would be helpful to round them up, and put them into one place. That’s the intention of this article.

First up is my Which Film Simulation Recipe, When? series. If you only open one article, that’s the one to choose. I think it’s probably the most helpful out of all of them in this post. You might appreciate many of the others, too, so I would encourage you to click on more than one article to read, especially if the number of Film Simulation Recipes feels overwhelming to you, or you’re just not sure where to begin. I hope this helps with that, and you’ll have a little more confidence choosing some to program into your camera.

Evening Charge – Santa Rosa, NM – Fujifilm X-E4 – Kodak Portra 400 v2 Recipe

Which Film Simulation Recipe, When?
Part 1 (X-Trans IV)
Part 2 (X-T3 & X-T30)
Part 3 (X-Trans III)
Part 4 (X-Trans II)
Part 5 (X-Trans V)
Summer Edition (X-Trans IV)

Working – Salt Lake City, UT – Fujifilm X-E4 – Kodak Vision3 250D Recipe

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More Than Double Wide – Arlington, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – 1970’s Summer Recipe

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Motel – Panguitch, UT – Fujifilm X100V – Kodak Tri-X 400 Recipe

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Abandoned & Trashed – North Salt Lake, UT – Fujifilm X100V – Fujicolor Reala 100 Recipe

Try These 5 Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes Today for a Color Negative Film Look

Ghosts of the Past – Ogden, UT – Fujifilm XF10 – Classic Chrome Recipe

Try These 3 Film Simulation Recipes, No Matter Your Fujifilm Camera (almost, anyway) + When To Use Them!

Spiderwebs – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Pacific Blues Recipe

5 Film Simulation Recipes every Fujifilm X-T5 Photographer Should Try

Sentinel & Merced – Yosemite NP, CA – Fujifilm X100V – Vintage Color Recipe

The 10 Best Film Simulation Recipes on the Fuji X Weekly App

Garden Spiderweb – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X-E4 – GAF 500 Recipe

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Evening Hoop – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-E4 – Muted Color Recipe

7 Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes for Photographing Basketball Hoops

Backlit Lupine – Sun City, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Thommy’s Ektachrome Recipe

Fujifilm Recipes for Spring Flower Photography

Night Statue – Jackson Hole, WY – Fujifilm X100V – Serr’s 500T Recipe

10 Must Try Film Simulation Recipes for Night Photography

Pink Blossom Bush – San Diego, CA – Fujifilm X-T5 – Emulsion ’86 Recipe

Top 7 Best Nostalgic Neg. Film Simulation Recipes for Fujifilm X-Trans V Cameras

Boat Shack at Sunset – Tempe, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Fujicolor Super HG v2 Recipe

8 Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes for Those Hot Summer Nights

Argus 520 Camera – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Kodak Max 800 Recipe

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Arizona Barn – Sedona, Arizona – Fujifilm X-T5 – Vibrant Arizona Recipe

The First 7 Film Simulation Recipes to try on your Fujifilm X-Trans V camera

Autumn Aspen – Big Arm, MT – Fujifilm X100V – Vintage Vibes Recipe

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Rose Budding – Buckeye, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Kodachrome Blue Recipe

5 Amazing Film Simulation Recipes (that few are using…)

Coastal Sunset Colors – Laguna Beach, CA – Fujifilm X100V – Reggie’s Portra Recipe

Comparing 6 Kodak Portra Film Simulation Recipes

Mountain Pines at Sunset – Flagstaff, AZ – Fujifilm X-T5 – Reala Ace Recipe

Five Fantastic Film Simulation Recipes that are Versatile

Autumn in a Mountain Meadow – Flagstaff, AZ – Fujifilm X100V – Fujicolor Superia 100

I used THESE 7 Film Simulation Recipes for Fall Colors on my Fujifilm X100V

First Dance – Laguna Beach, CA – Fujifilm X100V – Fujicolor NPS 160 Pulled Recipe

Using Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes for Wedding Photography

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  1. Hugh · 26 Days Ago

    What recipes are suitable for GFX50s ii ?
    Thank you

    • Ritchie Roesch · 25 Days Ago

      That’s a good question that I wish I had a more definitive answer to, but I’ve never used that camera to know for certain.

      What I can tell you is that both X-Trans IV and X-Trans V are technically compatible; however, I’m not certain if the GFX50S II rendering is more similar to X-Trans IV or X-Trans V. Also, I’ve heard that Shadow should be adjusted by +0.5. I have no firsthand experience, though.

      I hope this is helpful.

  2. Simon Hügly · 26 Days Ago

    Wow Ritchie!
    This post aggregates THE essential collection of articles of yours 😍
    Those would be the chapter headings of THE fundamental cookbook

    • Ritchie Roesch · 25 Days Ago

      Thanks! Maybe I should make a cookbook…. 🤣

  3. Alex · 24 Days Ago

    What a great articles, I thing I have enough inspiration for the 2024 😉

  4. Gung Krisna · 18 Days Ago

    and I’m looking for film simulation recipes for video

  5. Stephen · 18 Days Ago

    First, thank you for each of these posts. Second, thank you for curating them all in this one place! So very helpful.

    • Ritchie Roesch · 18 Days Ago

      Awesome! So glad to be helpful! 😀

      Next will have to be Film Simulation Recipes for Surf Photography….

      • Stephen.Wells · 16 Days Ago

        Yes! That would be amazing. Maybe a film recipe that couples the results from a common film stock through a Nikonos V/Nikon glass! I have a lifestyle photo shoot this weekend where I am looking forward to putting your Fujifilm Reala Ace recipe to work!

      • Ritchie Roesch · 15 Days Ago

        Can’t wait to see your Reala Ace pictures!

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